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Cross-browser compatibility the JLB way

There are plenty of ways to ways to test your new website across multiple platforms and browsers. You can have multiple computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, OS X and Linux, but that’s just a pain and can be rather expensive. Sure, multiple operating systems and browsers can be installed on your laptop, but that means restarting whenever a new OS needs to be used. There’s also a whole host of virtual machine software suites out there, but those can be quite taxing on system resources when swapping back and forth.
Enter Adobe’s BrowserLab. Its been around for a few years, but here’s the skinny for the unaware…
BrowserLab is a paid service that runs in your browser of choice, keeping your resources free, and contains a large suite of browsers including multiple versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. It allows you to build a custom set of browsers to quickly and easily test your sites. Sadly, BrowserLab doesn’t allow actual interactivity with the site you’re viewing, so there’s no easy way to test your web apps. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to knock-out cross-browser testing on your typical website.

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