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Website Design Frequently Asked Questions and Process

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At our office in Franklin, TN, we provide full service beautiful websites, powerful marketing and ongoing support that matters.
In our conversations with clients, we are often asked about the website design process or other typical questions that are valid considerations.  JLB has fantastic tools and materials to help our customers get through the design and development of their website with ease while providing professional guidance and communications to ensure an amazing solution.  To help you feel comfortable with JLB and the process of designing and developing your internet marketing solution, we have created a process and guide that encompasses timelines and frequently asked questions.
Below is some of that information to help answer any questions.
Our concept to support process follow the below guideline and will typically take anywhere from 60-100 days.

JLB Web design, web development, hosting and web support services process

JLB web design and support process

Once the website is complete and running on a private development server we will review it with you to make sure the solution is perfect.  One of our team members will work with you to ensure a successful launch of your website while making sure your email, domain name and other critical online functions do not get interupted.
At this time, we will provide additional contacts and information needed regarding ongoing services and support so that you know you are well cared for going forward. We are committed to your success!
This is also the time to plan your marketing strategy launch to enable your brand and drive awareness across the internet.  This should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media, Advertising, Graphic Designed Materials like business cards, flyers, signs and so on.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Web Design Process

Q: How do I get the website developed quickly?

A: We will gladly work with you to determine what works best for your schedule. We certainly have the ability to move quickly in certain scenarios; the longest delays in development tend to be getting approvals and feedback quickly so that we can move to the next phase. Quick collaboration can move your project as fast as 45 days.  Remember that fast is not always quality.

Q: How long will it take to turn the website live when it’s ready?

A: Once the development website is complete and whenever the client is ready, we can move swiftly. The configurations and move process from a development server to live status takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Q: What information is required during the website design process?

A: There are a couple areas where your feedback is important.

  • Initially, we will collect your input about your business and you to create your web design and brand identity.
  • Once we provide a website mockup (a professionally designed website graphic designed to mimic what your website will look like), we will need your feedback on potential changes and approval to move to development.
  • Once the development server is up we will walk through functions, customer experience and will need input on any punch list items needed.

Q: Will the new website affect my domain name or email?

A: No. We do need to be thoughtful in how we logistically move things over and configure the backend but you will still be able to use your domain name and any existing email will work fine.  If you need help or a new domain or email then JLB can assist.

Q: Will I be contacted regularly during the website design process?

A: We will reach out to you as we have questions or need your review. However, when we are creating designs or developing there may be periods of quiet time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for questions or status along the way. JLB has a support ticket email that is used for our clients to contact us about any website questions or requests to provide quick response and team assignments.  The support email triggers a notice and alerts all team members of your email.

Q: Will I be trained to manage the website myself once it is developed?

A: Yes. You or whomever you request will be provided with training on how to manage your website for simple moves, additions and changes. Additional training can be provided on request.  JLB believes that it is important that our clients can make changes easily if they wish.

Q: Will you create the content for me?

A: Yes we can. Content is the client’s responsibility and we can use content (images/copy) provided or from an old website. That information will be implemented. If the client would like help or guidance then we do have copywrite services and graphic design services to help provide professional materials that lift your business.

Q: Will the website be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized?

A: The website will be engineered with SEO structures implemented like tag, category, title structures, mobile responsiveness and tools. This engineering will give you some SEO benefits. However, this is not enough to get your site onto the first page of the search engines or make it easy to find. SEO is a must and something that requires advanced setup and ongoing monthly oversight. JLB does provide SEO service if needed.

Q: Does JLB provide internet marketing help?

A: Yes. Other than great website design and branding, we work hard to provide enabling marketing services to help convert your new solution into a great sales tool.  Services like SEO, Adwords, online advertising, local reach marketing, print and more.

Q: How do I setup email?

A: We can provide fully managed business class email services for you.

Q: Can I capture emails from my website for newsletters and promotions?

A: Yes. We can integrated automatic capture tools and send new emails into your own email marketing database or we can setup a low cost email marketing database for you so that you can begin outreach to interested clients. Email marketing is a very important tool to take advantage of.  We can also help make these emails graphically designed for professional branding.

Q: Can you help me with brochures, business cards, etc.?

A: Yes. After we have established a great new design, logo, brand, colors and content we have the basis for some fantastic print work and/or advertising. We often help clients create these materials and have them professionally printed.

Q: Who do I contact for customer support after installation?

A: Your service comes with 24×7 engineering/emergency support and business hour managed support for anything related to your website, online marketing and its domain.
Hopefully, these FAQs help clear up some of the questions you may have had.  If you have more or would like to talk about a project or online marketing needs, please give us a call.

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