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Why Video Is the Tool to Move Your Social Strategy into the Future

Social media has become an integral component of digital marketing. For many businesses, a presence on social media is a necessity for survival in a growing competitive digital market. It’s no longer a question of if you should do social media, but rather how you should be doing social media.
The social media landscape is constantly shifting, which often makes it difficult for businesses to really get a grasp on how to put their best foot forward and build awareness across the multiple social channels. While trends will continue to come and go, we have a hunch that at least one trend is here to stay – we’re talking about video and here’s why it’s the tool that can carry you into the future of social media marketing.

The Growth of Video

People are spending about a third of their time online watching video, and by next year video is expected to account for 80% of all internet traffic. These are impressive numbers that also have an influence on how people are consuming content on social media. Take for example that today 500 million social media users will watch video on Facebook alone.
What’s fueling this growth is how social media users are choosing to consume their information. When presented with the choice of reading or watching, most people will choose to watch a video every time. This is because video is easier, it’s fast and the person watching it can absorb more information in 2 minutes of video than they could be spending the same amount of time reading text.
Simply put, video is hard to resist and when combined with social media it becomes a powerful tool for increasing brand visibility and building an audience.

What About the Future?

This all sounds great for today, but what about tomorrow? Will video maintain its influence across all the social channels? Absolutely, but as with everything else you can expect the trends in social media marketing to continually shift, meaning that for businesses the ability to adapt is crucial.
For example, a few years ago advancements in mobile technology fueled the surge in the popularity of social video. Now as technology has advanced even further we’re looking at video that’s becoming more interactive and bringing brands to life.
From video stories on Instagram to 3D video and virtual reality with Facebook Spaces, social media is challenging our traditional ideas on how we use and consume video. The potential for businesses to build themselves through social video has become more exciting than ever.

Optimizing Social Video for Your Growing Businesses

It’s a fact – social video can perform for your brand. If you’re ready to see massive leaps in engagement and build the type of social presence that makes people want to learn more about who you are, then video is the way to go. We’re the social media marketing company that can help create this success with a video strategy for your growing business. Contact JLB Works today to learn more about our interactive services, including social media video and more.

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