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Franklin Mercantile Redesign // Nov 06 // JLB

This week, we launched the Franklin Mercantile’s new site. Graeme and Corrie have been two of our favorite clients over the years and we were excited to give them a fresh look that went along with the decor of The Merc. They had local photographer [and friend!], Dave Braud take pictures of their delicious food […]

Building custom content editor layouts in WordPress // Nov 30 // JLB

Custom Fields within WordPress are no secret.  There are hundreds of tutorials out there documenting how to easily automate them by simply adding a few lines to your functions.php file. 

JLB's got a new e-commerce solution in the house // Jun 09 // JLB

Over the years, we’ve used various e-commerce solutions to meet our client’s needs.  From Cube Cart to Shopify to Zen Cart.  However, there’s never been a single one that we’ve felt really integrated well with the content management system we use or was incredibly versatile in the design department.  Fortunately, Team JLB decided to recently […]

JLB's five favorite WordPress plugins // Sep 30 // JLB

It’s no secret that the dev team here at JLB is in love with WordPress.  It’s PHP-based, it’s flexible, it’s an easy install, it’s user-friendly.  Sure, there are other content management systems out there that might be a better project-specific fit, but overall, WordPress is out go-to CMS savior.  However, WordPress still leaves quite a […]

WordPress… in the nude // Jul 26 // JLB

When it comes to coding a Wordpress theme, there are, without a doubt, plenty of starting points. While duplicating and editing the Classic theme is one of the most popular options, starting from a blank theme or a framework are much more efficient options.