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Optimize SEO for Voice Search with These Key Strategies

The way that people are searching for content is changing. Nearly 60% of searches are now done from a mobile device. Mobile users who use voice search are making up a more of that number than ever before.
With the shift in how content is being searched, comes the need to shift how we approach SEO. SEO content needs to perform just as well with voice search as with keypad search.  Now is the time to start thinking about new SEO strategies to optimize your voice search results.

Keywords Become Conversational

Voice searches are typically longer and more conversational. A typical google search might only be 2 or 3 words long, whereas a voice search can easily stretch out to 7-10 words. Mobile devices scan voice inputs and pull out keywords that seem most relevant.
You can adapt for voice SEO by listening to your customers. When they call, what are they saying and how are they saying it? When customers are in your location, what questions do they ask, and what words are they using?
Also, pay attention to how you personally use the voice function. For example, if you are looking for Chinese take-out, you wouldn’t just ask for local Chinese restaurants. Your search query would probably sound something like “Find Chinese Take-out near me”. The subtle differences in language can significantly impact your voice results.
It might seem tedious, but taking notes of the specific language customers use will help you to identify the conversational keywords that will optimize voice searches.

Use Your FAQ Page to Highlight Long-Tail Phrases

So, how do you work conversational style SEO into your site design? The best place is in your FAQ page. Just think about the above the above data you collected about what customers are asking and how they are doing it.
A mobile voice user will ask those same questions, and expect answers in return. Be the one to give them those answers with a FAQ page designed around mobile voice search.
Phrase the questions, the exact same way that your customer would, including conversational tone. Do double duty by including hot keywords in your answers.

Website Needs to be Easy to Navigate

This is more related to mobile that just voice specifically, but voice searches are mobile searches, so this becomes important. What is the mobile user’s experience once their voice search lands them on your site?

  • Can they easily find the information that voice searchers are looking for?
  • How is your speed? Voice searchers are often on the goal and don’t have time to scroll through large chunks of content?
  • How is your mobile functionality? Can the mobile user easily scroll through your site to find what they are looking for? Are call to action buttons placed in a spot where they can be easily touched, but mistakenly touched?

Optimizing for voice search means focusing not so much on hot keywords, but the more conversational nature of mobile searches. Do you have a voice SEO strategy in place? We can help you develop one. Call us today.

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