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How Web Design Should Incorporate SEO

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It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes need a website to be competitive today. The internet is the first place that people go to when they’re searching for products or services, and websites have replaced the yellow-pages phone book listing of years gone by.

But, just having a website isn’t enough anymore. Small businesses need website design with a focus on achieving a priority ranking position in search engine results. This requires an approach to website design that includes search engine optimization.

For those of you who might not be very SEO savvy (don’t worry, you’re in good company), we’d like to talk about all the reasons that SEO is an essential part of successful website design.

The Real Value of SEO for Website Design

Search engine optimization is important if you want to build any type of a presence online. SEO is a combination of strategies and philosophy that builds awareness, recognition and generates traffic for businesses. If this sounds like a winning combination, then you’re going to want to read on.

Web design and SEO are meant to work together.

Web design that incorporates strong SEO features like responsive design, social media integration and comfort features that provide a positive user experience, helps businesses draw in more traffic through increased visibility. You simply aren’t going to be as visible as you need to be without SEO, so building it into your basic elements – such as your website – opens an infinite number of doors for exposure.

On the other hand, if the content of your website isn’t optimized for search engines then you can wave goodbye to the possibility of ranking high in search results.

Design for Discoverability

It’s time to fill you in on a secret that your top competitors probably already know. When asked, 61% of marketers say that improving their SEO and growing their organic presence is their number one marketing priority.

They know that this is the type of focus that makes them more likely to be discovered by customers that are just waiting to convert.

Approaching website architecture from an SEO perspective makes it easier for search engines to crawl your pages, get in there and dig around so that they can help your business get discovered by putting you in front of the right audience at the right time. This might sound a little cryptic, but this is where search engine optimization services come in.

Professional website design can help you achieve goals by building all the SEO features that matter directly into your website. We look specifically at the features that matter to search engines and your target consumer. We focus on responsive design, brand development and the integrative features of SEO that search engines love.

We want to do achieve all of this and more for your website. Contact JLB today and let’s talk about what a new website, or just an updated one with a focus on SEO, can do for you.


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