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Google AdWords: Explained

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AdWords for Digital Marketing

There are a wide variety of ways to advertise your company online. However, they are Computer Screen displaying Google AdWords from the Best Web Design Agency in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TNnot created equal. Google AdWords can be a great asset, especially if you work with a company that knows how to properly set up an AdWords campaign.
But what is Google AdWords? And how can it help your business with online Digital Marketing?

What Is Google AdWords?

You can’t just put your advertisements anywhere and expect them to attract potential customers. But advertising to people who are not only actively interested in your product or service but searching for information about it can yield great results.
This is where Google AdWords comes into play with your digital marketing. It helps you target potential customers that are ready to purchase or sign up for your product or service. This is done through what’s known as pay per click (PPC) advertising.
PPC is an online advertising model. It drives traffic to websites with targeted, specialized ads that often populate in conjunction with related searches or other content. You have most likely seen these if you use Facebook. Likewise, you’ve seen these if you’ve performed a search on Google.
These ads associated with Google searches are Google AdWords advertisements.
The company or business that places the ads doesn’t have to pay for the service until the internet user clicks on the ad, and follows the link to the source web page. This is why they are referred to as “pay per click.” But the money that can be gained from targeted advertisements can yield a strong return on investment.

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How Does AdWords Work?

Google search results come as the result of a combination of relevant keywords, quality content, as well as other digital marketing strategies. AdWords results are factored in much the same way. An AdWords company will set up an account for you and figure out which of these keywords would most benefit your company to target.
Securing your targeted keywords is done through auctions. Remember that a company doesn’t pay for their advertisement unless it is clicked. So, the bid refers to how much a company is willing to pay for each click.
Google will then show the ad related to a particular keyword that has a combination of the highest amount and the highest quality score. They want users to click through because that is how they make money. It’s in their best interest — as well as the consumer — to portray the most relevant and high-quality ads because those stand the best chance of attracting attention.
The quality of your advertisement is related to how successful it is, as well as the authority your website brings to the table. A good quality score can be gained with a landing page and advertisement that is directly relevant to your keyword, and a great user experience once they click through the ad.
This quality score exists because otherwise irrelevant ads could place extremely high bids for unrelated keywords. This makes the customer experience worse and degrades the authority of the Google platform.
If you’ve participated in an Ebay auction, you already have a good idea of how this pricing system works. Your maximum bid isn’t necessarily the amount you will have to pay. Your bid only gets pressed to that maximum level if someone else places a bid to get it up there. For instance, a $1 maximum bid won’t get that high unless someone else bids $0.99.
These ads are run on a daily budget — you can set it for any maximum dollar amount — and will run until they are disabled. This, again, can add up so you need to be monitoring the conversion rate for each ad. And if it’s not producing the results you want, changes can be made.

Who Can Use AdWords?

The great thing about Google AdWords is that anybody can use it with their digital marketing strategy. Setting up an account is fairly straightforward, as is the bidding process. However, even though starting an AdWords campaign is straightforward, running a successful campaign isn’t easy.
There are a lot of metrics to track and considerations to take into account. For instance, your quality score has a lot to do with finding relevant keywords and garnering a high click-through rate. But if you don’t have the prerequisite knowledge of keyword targeting, you might have trouble finding the keywords that will find your audience. And if your content doesn’t relate to your keywords, your quality score will suffer.
Likewise, tracking the success of a campaign and making necessary adjustments along the way can be difficult if you don’t understand the metrics.
So even if you can set up a Google AdWords account yourself as soon as you’re done reading this article, it’s highly recommended to work with a company that knows how to run a successful AdWords and digital marketing campaign.

What Are the Benefits of using AdWords?

Conversions. Whatever action you are hoping to elicit from your customers can be gained with a successful AdWords campaign. Many methods of digital marketing can be more of a slow process. AdWords can provide almost immediate results when done correctly. This provides a high return on investment and instant gratification which isn’t as easily achieved with other forms of advertising.
The benefits can be great, but only if it is set up correctly. Enlisting the help of an adwords company like JLB in Franklin, TN can be a great asset to your digital marketing strategy and online presence.

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