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So, I’ve suffered a few “shots to the heart” the past month, and I’d like to use this blog time as therapy — on the company clock, of course. The cool thing about therapy is (not that I have any experience), the patient isn’t expected to make any sense of his own bloviating — that’s the therapist’s (reader’s) job.
First, my local Blockbuster shut its doors without any warning. Creative Director, Micah Jones (sitting across from me right now at his desk) and I walked the half-empty aisles that final day, looking for anything to salvage from the wreck — sulking along with that stinging nostalgia you only really get from this sentimental Ben Folds ballad.
Me: “Micah, what did you get that day at blockbuster?”
Micah: “Simpson’s Season 1.”
Me: “Oh, yeah. Man, wasn’t it so sad that day? Like, just… you know… soooo sad?”
Micah: “Yeah, I guess. Hey, (lifting his shirt) check out my new belt from J. Crew…”
Anyway, moving on. Micah and I (yes, we’re co-workers but we’re friends too, okay?) also took a little trip down to the Nashville Borders yesterday. And guess what they’re doing over there right now. That’s right, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! Now the walk of nostalgia is starting to get a little more cynical and whiny like this Green Day song.
Me: Hey, what were we looking for at Borders that day, Micah?
Micah: Nothing. I just had a coupon to use, but they wouldn’t honor it because they were closing the store.
Me: Yeah, I remember now. Didn’t that make you feel a little fussy inside? Like someone just woke you up from a good nap with like, I don’t know… a leaf-blower or something really annoying?
Micah: Yeah, I guess. But the Brentwood location is still open and I can still use my coupon there. Bro, you remember the old Power Rangers theme song? (Turns up his speakers, bobbing his head)
Me: Yeah. I remember.
So, I don’t really know how to unpack all that, and I don’t think Micah’s going to help me out, either. But with the growing list of book, video and music stores dying off like slap bracelets, it’s starting to feel like our local media options will cease to exist sooner than I imagined. And I’m scared. That’s all I’m saying.
Me: Hey, Micah…

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