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A Quick Guide to Using YouTube for Business

When brands start to think about their social media strategy it’s usually platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that are factored into the equation. With video being a huge focus in digital marketing, it’s important to remember that YouTube is a social network and optimizing it will increase visibility and create huge engagement for your brand.
Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you dive into the massive world of YouTube without a little direction. Here’s a few tips to serve as a guide to using YouTube for your business. 

Consistency is Key

It doesn’t matter where you are on social media, you need a content strategy. YouTube is no different, in fact, some strategic planning is even more important.
People go to YouTube to watch videos. It isn’t like other social networks where you’ve got posts, blogs, memes, images and video all swirled together. The focus on YouTube is laser sharp. Provide great video content, and a lot of it, or take a step to the side.
This doesn’t mean you need to reinvent the wheel of video content. It does mean that you need more than one brilliant video to get the job done. YouTube is fueled by traffic and posting videos consistently and often if the only way you’re going to increase visibility.
Start with a solid strategy. Brainstorm and come up with at least a dozen video ideas that show your brand in the best light. Set a schedule for planning and producing these videos, and then post according to a schedule that you don’t deviate from. Nothing’s worse for your image than neglecting to show up when your viewers are expecting to see fresh content at a certain time.

Be Realistic

The only way you’re going to ace the art of consistency is by being realistic about what to expect from yourself. Producing content and posting it takes time. Don’t back yourself into a corner where you’ve set unrealistic goals for yourself.
Start by creating a couple trial videos to get an idea of how long the process takes and then set realistic goals for production. This one step will help keep you focused on quality, which is crucial because rushed attempts at video lose subscribers fast.

Don’t Forget a CTA

The reason you’re doing this is to generate more traffic towards your site. Few people are going to watch a video and head directly to your site without prompting. Sure, it happens but not very often. Viewers need direction. A call to action is your chance to provide them with it.
Video CTAs can include an invitation to contact you or subscribe to your channel. Also encourage users to leave feedback or share your video on other social platforms.

Get Creative

The type of video you share matters. It needs to be engaging, but also aligned to your brand. It’s a great strategy to mix it up a little. Some ideas for engaging YouTube content include:

  • Vlogs
  • Product Reviews
  • How To
  • Unboxing and New Releases
  • Live Content
  • Q&A
  • User Generated Content
  • Interviews

This is only a peak into the world of YouTube. There’s so much to explore and countless ways that YouTube can help build your brand. When you’re ready to explore the potential of YouTube for your business, we’re the digital marketing team for businesses in the Nashville, TN and surrounding areas. Contact JLB Works to learn more.

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