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How to Build an Email List & Foundations of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Matters For ROI

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. Take a few minutes to read our take on email marketing and how to sustain a strong ROI. To take advantage of JLB’s email marketing service for FREE, fill out a contact form HERE

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What is an email list?

An email list, according to Search Engine Journal, is a “list that targets a large number of subscribers to increase revenue through email.” Usually a business will ask for (or in some less ethical cases just take) your email, promising to send you something valuable like scheduled updates or an eBook. 
Lists are built in several ways, some obviously better than others. One business might build a list through pop ups on their website, others through a sheet of paper on the counter of their store, still others through somewhat questionable means (i.e. privacy breaches or buying lists).

Why Are Email Marketing and Email Lists so Important?

Emails have one of the highest ROIs (return on investment) of any type of marketing, period. 3,800% according to HubSpot, and “99% of consumers check their email every day.”  It’s also stated that, “Over 59% of marketers mention email is their biggest source of ROI.”
Email Marketing is a great Investment and thus, an enormous source of revenue for your business. More importantly, email lists help build relationships and personalization with your customers. 

Can’t Buy My (Email) Love. 

Think outside the box on a marquee in black, bold lettering. Buying an email list looks easy and websites selling these lists feature testimonials talking about their wonderful results, but, ignoring Nike, just don’t do it.
Every online user has experienced the horror of unsolicited emails and resolved such issues by unsubscribing, instantly deleting, and/or reporting spam. Getting marked as spam is a kiss of death for email marketers. Buying email lists is a surefire way to attain this Scarlet Letter. 
As a company that specializes in advanced marketing tools, JLB assures that buying an email list hurts the reputation of your IP address (aka Domain Authority). Your email provider may even penalize you. Think of buying an email list as not paying taxes and having your wages garnished. No one wants that. 

How to Build an Email List.

Instead of buying a list, let JLB help with your Email Marketing efforts
One good strategy is to offer customers something in exchange for their email. Examples of these value transactions are offering free eBooks, discounts or regular newsletters in exchange for your email address and PERMISSION to send assets to contact information provided. 
Another great way to get subscribers is through a blog. These are more popular than ever and the building and success of a blog depend on a number of factors. One certainty is that blogs are enormous assets for creating and growing email lists. 
The options don’t stop at a blog, obviously. Some companies build free video courses to teach certain skills like content marketing or sales but to access them, you need to create an account that involves giving them your email.  
A blog post by HubSpot also suggests, “adding share buttons to your email so your email recipients can forward the emails they liked most to friends and colleagues they think would like it too.” This works as long as you include an opt-in button within the email so new viewers can subscribe.

If You Need Help.

JLB has a long history with Email Marketing and has developed a strategic partnership with Emma to offer some of the best prices in the industry for ongoing email marketing campaigns. This month only, JLB will set up an Emma account and transfer your contacts for you. This normally costs upwards of $250, but all JLB clients, both current and new, can opt-in to receive this service for FREE through Nov 2019. 
Emma provides tools to run email marketing campaigns.  One highlight of Emma is automation (a HUGE marketing topic moving forward). For example, when a subscriber is added to your email list, automation will both send a ‘Thank You’ response (typically with incentives to bring friends or contacts to the list), as well as personalize further communication based on user behavior. 
It should be clear that email marketing is here to stay and that companies benefit greatly from investing in this service. JLB is not only able to help educate you on this process, but also able to take this off of your plate and to provide actual ROI with little time investment on your part. Free Money? Sounds too good to be true, but email marketing is one way to do it. 
To take advantage of JLB’s email marketing service for FREE, fill out a contact form HERE.

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