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Email Marketing Dos and Don'ts

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So you want to manage your email marketing campaign with precision and aplomb. The it’s time to get serious! Take a look at the following list of dos and don’ts.


  • Get real with your subject line. (something better than My June Newsletter…)
  • Strike the right balance between images and text. (don’t go heavy on either side)
  • Brand more than just the “from” name. (you have your address and your title to work with)
  • Focus above the fold. (more than half of all recipients use a horizontal preview window)
  • Design for multiple display possibilities. (html, plain text and the “no images displayed” view)


  • Do not send an email to people who didn’t ask for it. (stay legit)
  • Do not utilize an invalid reply-to address. (keep it real)
  • Do not send too often. (think 2-3 times a month, max)
  • Do not forget to personalize your message. (send it to all the first names in your db)
  • Do not forget to test. (that’s why your email marketing account has the capability)

One more thought: A study by MarketingSerpa found that your audience will read more of an email’s actual content, as long as there are graphics near the top of the email. Think about it – people want to be drawn in. So think visually before you type.

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