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Does Your Business Need Multiple Websites?

Questions about website design in Nashville are best answered as though they are personal. What that means is that every business is different and each faces different challenges. That does not mean that Brentwood and Franklin TN businesses cannot find solutions to their unique questions or problems. It simply means that the best solutions and answers are going to be the ones that address your specific needs as a business.
In this blog, you learn about situations when your business might need more than one website. We address the following three scenarios and are available to answer your questions along the way.
1.Differentiating similar niche markets
2. You want to target local and global markets
3. Brand Development that is separate

Differentiating Similar Niche Markets

Marketing is complex and niche markets that are similar in structure might not be similar in buyer persona. How then do you target market a similar product to two or more completely separate buyer persona? The answer is that you build separate websites so that you can attract specific visitors to a specific product or family of products.
A good example of this would be a legal firm that wanted to attract men who are going through a divorce. Their similar niche would be women who are also going through a divorce. Similar products, different approaches to how you market to each.

You Want to Target Local and Global Markets

Keyword and SEO rich content differs based on the geographic are covered. For local businesses in Brentwood and Franklin TN, the use of those town names becomes part of the SEO that attracts local visitors. However, if your company also offers services that target a global audience then you would need a separate website that was SEO and keyword rich for that market.
A good example of this would be localized offices within a parent company. The parent company offers global services while the local office focuses on local marketing. Another example would be a business that sold car used car parts for classic cars. You want your business to be the king of the local market, but you also want to offer parts to the national audience. This type of marketing requires two websites.

Brand Development That Is Separate

Small businesses can benefit from website design in Nashville when they have two products that represent two brands within the same market. Perhaps one part of your company makes rifle clips and the other makes cell phone cases. The two products are completely different and so is the audience that buys each. Those two brands have nothing in common besides the manufacturer. Two websites help to keep content separate.
While your business faces different challenges, JLB is here to help you sort out your options. We build quality websites that help businesses of all sizes expand their markets, create better marketing opportunities, and drive sales. Check in with us for answers to questions that specific to your business. For faster service just call: (615) 794-2123
A problem that occurs when you mix brands on the same website is that you risk losing site visitors who are at odds with one brand or product. Rifle clips are very much part of the argument over gun control and you do not want that argument to spill over into your cell phone case market. You would lose customers who are for gun control simply because you manufacture a gun-related product.

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