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Use of Content Marketing Campaigns Expected to Grow in 2020

Use of Content Marketing Campaigns Expected to Grow in 2020_internet marketing nashville_JLB_Franklin TN

Content marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years. However, it is far from new. Companies have been making use of content marketing since the late 1800s. Of course, the practice looks very different today. Internet marketing has brought numerous options for content a company can make in order to engage its customers. But the idea is still the same.
After more than a century of use, content marketing has proved its viability. However, the trends related to the practice show a likelihood of further expansion. But what exactly is content marketing? How does it work? And why is it projected to grow?

What is Content Marketing?

Essentially, content marketing is the practice of creating usable content that attracts your customers.
This is done in place of traditional marketing, where a company would pitch its product or service directly to its targeted audience.
So why has content marketing overtaken traditional methods of marketing?
In short, because it works. Creating content that is genuinely useful and interesting to the group of people that are most likely to use your service helps create a connection. It builds trust. And once this connection is solidified, your company stands a much better chance at retaining the loyalty of these customers. This leads to increased sales.
Not only does content marketing stand to make more money for a company, it also helps them save. Traditional methods of marketing can be quite expensive. But content and internet marketing are generally much cheaper. This opens the practice up to companies of all sizes.
Smaller, local companies often can’t afford commercials and billboards to secure customers from all over the country. But a well-operated content marketing campaign can draw attention without the overhead associated with traditional methods.
This flexibility and potential to drive sales have fed content marketing’s positive trends.

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How Does It Work?

Content marketing has become increasingly entwined with internet marketing over the last few years. And even though there are numerous types of internet marketing, the creation and dissemination of content is a very popular means of connecting with potential customers.
The incorporation of internet marketing into content marketing includes a focus on the performance of the content in search results. This means that your business shows up when someone searches for a topic related to your services. It’s very advantageous to be at the top of these results, so a lot of content is built with this goal in mind.
The content created varies as widely as the industries that use internet marketing. Blogs are a frequent means of content marketing, but it includes everything from videos, to infographics, to ebooks, and more.
This content helps solidify you as an eminent source of information on your industry. This creates trust and brand recognition. And when a person is in need of the services of your industry, your company is in an attractive position to provide those services.

What Will Happen?

New research from the World Media Group suggests the use of content marketing by companies large and small will continue to grow over the next year. They surveyed marketing professionals from all over the world to get their take on what the future holds for content marketing.
Will content marketing campaigns grow, stabilize, or decline?
An overwhelming 80% of respondents said they believed the practice will continue to grow over not only 2020, but the following year as well.
19% said the practice would stabilize.
And only 2% said it would decline.

How Will It Be Used?

90% of the respondents said they planned to make use of audio content such as a podcast to reach their customers over the next year. A similar number said they would begin experimenting with augmented reality.
The integration of these new technologies means the practice of content marketing will grow increasingly nuanced. The ways in which potential customers interact with these forms of internet marketing is going to evolve along with the metrics used to create search results.
The old days of internet marketing saw websites focusing on keywords and using them for the sole reason of attracting internet searches. This has changed. Quality is now the main attribute used to judge pieces of content.
And it is with these quality pieces of content that companies will attract their customers. Conversion from visitor to paying customer won’t be as direct as they have been in the past. There may be intermediary steps but the result is likely to be the same — we choose to work with companies we trust.

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