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"What's with the new guy?"

I’m thrilled to be the newest addition to the JLB team.  Heading up sales and marketing for JLB allows me the opportunity to be on the front lines for the company and act as point-man for potential clients. My job is to seek and find new leads and contact those who might be in need of social media networking, search engine optimization, targeted advertising or strategic branding. It’s exciting to be in the unique position to gather the input of everyone here at JLB in order to find clients based on our criteria and philosophy.
Getting started, the increased search options make for a great abyss of web and advertising, so I have to approach things with the specific questions that narrow the field. Who needs our help getting their name or brand out? What kind of clients do we want to have? Who could be more concise with their message or more clear in their language? For me, answering these questions is challenging and fun.
Expanding our client base is important for the future of JLB and I hope to make this a natural process. I am not a telemarketer or a commissions based employee, I am a mouthpiece for a design team in Franklin with services to offer and clients (past and present) who are pleased with the results. So with the combined talents of our professional team, I hope to get our message out to those in need of our expertise. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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