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Is SEO Still Relevant in 2017? // Oct 25 // JLB

Most people have heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO —the process of getting your website to appear in the results on popular search engines like Google —but how relevant is SEO in the year 2017? SEO may sound simple in theory but once you dive into it you’ll find that executing SEO properly requires […]

Discover the Simplest Method to Mastering SEO // Sep 13 // JLB

Understanding the different facets and tricks behind effective search engine optimization or SEO has become increasingly more difficult over the last several years. With major search engines like Google constantly changing their algorithms and hundreds of different factors used to determine your ranking, it may seem like mastering SEO is impossible. However, when you enlist […]

What Website Owners Should Know About the Google Algorithm // Aug 09 // JLB

It can be easy to forget that Google has only been in our lives for around 20 years. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we ever lived without the Internet and Google’s massive search capacity. Today, understanding Google is vital in getting noticed on the ‘net. Looking good to the Google search algorithm is integral in […]

What Website Analytics Are & How To Make Them Work For You // Apr 23 // JLB

A look at website analytics and how you can make them work for you. Analytics are a major buzzword in marketing. If you’re still in the dark regarding analytics and what they are, they’re the identification and assessment of relevant patterns in your data. Analytics are used in areas such as sales optimization, logistics, marketing, and so […]

SEO Practices That Put Your Business At The Top Of Search Ranks // Apr 06 // JLB

A few SEO practices that put your business at the top of search ranks. Businesses are always looking to rank higher in their searches, as more search traffic is a driver of business growth. However, SEO is always changing and nobody wants to be penalized when trying to improve their search ranks. Google constantly rolls out updates, […]

Why Optimization Matters in Web Design // Jan 13 // Jordan Stella

  Website optimization is another way of saying search engine optimized. What both of these terms mean is the quality of a website’s design to fit into its role on the web. Web Design and Optimization Web optimization is limited by the quality of a website’s design. A poor design means poor optimization. Both can […]

Is Your SEO Stuck in the Past? // Nov 01 // Jordan Stella

Your website may be beautiful, easy to navigate and a great reflection of your brand as a whole. However, if no one can find it, how effective will it be? One of the best ways to bring customers to your site is by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. A few years ago, when SEO […]

How Often Should I Update My Site’s SEO? // Sep 15 // Jordan Stella

For many businesses, there is this myth or perhaps it is a hope that SEO is just a line item that you can cross off your to-do list. In a micro snapshot in time, it is. You can cross it off ,go to lunch, and when you return, it is back on your list. SEO […]

Top Trends in SEO For Businesses in 2016 // Jun 10 // JLB

When you run any kind of business that has an online web presence, then you probably know about SEO. Who are we kidding here, everyone is online now. To be successful you have to be a savvy web marketer. Search engine optimization is vital for your company’s website to show up right in Google, Yahoo, […]

SEO: How Search Engines Work – Franklin TN // May 16 // JLB

Search engines crawl the web, sifting through billions of data points to serve up information in a fraction of a second. The access to instant information we’ve come to take for granted is based on an enormous system of data retrieval and software. Google has been the most forthcoming about how its search engine works, […]