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Stats that catch your eye… // Jun 02 // JLB

Every now and then I like to keep up with the99percent.com and look at some of the interesting (and sometimes shocking) statistics that have to do with the “creative sector.” Their recent poll of the creative community came up with some interesting numbers. Apparently the Home Of?ce is catching on because 38% of people polled […]

FSB (behind the scenes) // May 07 // JLB

Franklin Synergy Bank has a lot of cool new plans in the works to help serve people even more than they already do, and they’ve asked JLB to help them spread the word.

New Google tool to aid in content design // Dec 17 // JLB

As a design firm, we are constantly presented with the puzzle of creating websites that are pleasing to the eye, but also contain critical information in key places. Due to the wide range of browsers, resolutions and monitor sizes, this can often times be

be a typographist in your spare time // Nov 24 // JLB

For this blog post, I decided to start a series focusing on typography.  Everyday designers use an element of design that may be taken for granted by most people; an element that I personally find most beautiful. This morning I received an e-mail

RGB vs CMYK // Aug 01 // JLB

I’m going to take a break from my branding series to talk briefly about the difference between the colors you see on your tv/computer monitor and the colors that you see on printed pieces (like magazines).

RGB stands for “Red Green