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Eleven Guidelines to Successful URLs for Your Web Site // Apr 15 // JLB

Eleven Guidelines to Successful URLs Describe Your Content An obvious URL is a great URL. If a user can look at the Address bar (or a pasted link) and make an accurate guess about the content of the page before ever reaching it, you’ve done your job. These URLs get pasted, shared, emailed, written down, and yes, […]

Nashville’s JLB Voted Best Web Design and Developer // Apr 11 // JLB

 JLB Wins 2014 Sizzle Award for Best Web Design and Development Company in Williamson County JLB, a full-service web marketing firm voted Best in Williamson County Franklin, TN – JLB, today announced that it was recently awarded the Sizzle Award for Williamson County’s (a South Nashville County serving Brentwood, Franklin and surrounding towns) Best Web Design […]

Matt Cutts and Some Summer Intel from Google // Jun 15 // JLB

Matt Cutts recently posted a nice little vlog on Google’s latest direction in the world of SEO. It’s not too deep, but it does provide a telling snpashot of some of the areas that Google is focusing on for the next several months. Key areas of change and growth?

Google + and Google Places // Jun 13 // JLB

And the two have become one… Google+ (read: Google Plus) and Google Places have been merged together by, well, Google. What does this mean?

Why copy still matters // Apr 27 // JLB

There’s no question we’ve become a visual society. Step out your front door, and you’re bombarded with images just about everywhere you turn. Street signs. Billboards. Store windows. Bumper stickers. Symbols. Posters.

Coming in for a "landing…" // Jun 25 // JLB

When clients hire us to optimize their websites, we always start with research and evaluation. One of the very first things we do is look at their site as a whole — how many pages are there, what is the content, and, of course, what is the site’s purpose. From there, we start to dig into the metrics behind the site – how many visitors does the site receive, where are they coming from, how long are they staying, and what pages are the most popular.

Search or Snicker? That is the Question. // May 22 // JLB

I love a headline that doesn’t tell the whole story – one that makes me laugh or keeps me in suspense. It makes me want to read. Google, on the other hand, doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.  It reads every article regardless if the headline is witty or not. And, it holds […]

Google doodles patent? // Apr 04 // JLB

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this already, but Google recently obtained a patent for their google.com “doodles.” For some time now, Google has been altering their logo to reflect a certain historical event or holiday. Old branding and logo design textbooks might say that drastically changing your logo the way Google does […]

A sign of the times? Google's management merry-go-round… // Jan 22 // JLB

When news broke this week of Google’s impending leadership changes, the tech community was buzzing. Most excitement and speculation centered around what motivated current CEO Eric Schmidt announcement that he was vacating his role in order to let Co-Founder Larry Page fill the position.

SEO… meet Social Networking // Aug 28 // JLB

Here at JLB, we use an array of tools to help our clients’ websites get noticed. When we build a website and help promote that site online, some of our goals include increasing traffic, generating leads, and bolstering business.