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The Top Ten Digital Marketing Blogs: SEO, PPC, and Social // Nov 22 // JLB

Ever wanted a list of the top digital marketing blogs all in one spot? We’re sharing some of the blogs that we consider to be the top in the industry. They cover SEO, PPC, and social media news, trends, and tips as well as provide educational resources. Google Webmaster Central Blog If you want the […]

The SEO Lessons We Learned in 2017 and How it Will Impact 2018 // Nov 22 // JLB

As a leading SEO specialist serving Nashville, TN, JBL Works is hardwired into the perpetual flux that is SEO. And over the last 10+ months our company and the digital marketing community at large have learned some valuable SEO lessons that, if leveraged wisely, could reap big dividends in 2018. Good content is increasingly important […]

How Paid Social and Organic Social Should Work Together // Nov 10 // JLB

As their names imply, paid social media and organic social media are two distinctly different entities. On the surface, it might seem that the two approaches are incompatible. However, JLB Works, a respected social media marketing firm serving Nashville, TN, believes the two can and should work together. First, let’s define the two terms. Paid […]

How to Incorporate Video into Your Social Marketing Strategy // Nov 08 // JLB

Everyone knows how fast things move in today’s digital age– not to mention the sheer number of sensory imprints we’re exposed to everyday. With attention spans shrinking by the second, it should come as no surprise that viewer message-retention is 95 percent when seen as a video, versus 10 percent when read as text. Video […]