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5 Web Design Trends That Will Be Even Bigger in 2018 // Sep 27 // JLB

In web design, it is always important to look towards future trends to stay a head above the rest. If you want to take your web design to the next level, understanding that the future is now is key. While many popular design trends are making waves now, chances are that they’ll be even bigger […]

Why You Need a Web Designer Instead of a Website Builder // Sep 20 // JLB

When looking to take your company online, one of the first things you’ll have to consider is whether or not you want to work using a website builder or hire an experienced web designer. Before the days of Google and Amazon ruling the Internet, most people didn’t think twice about working with a web development […]

Discover the Simplest Method to Mastering SEO // Sep 13 // JLB

Understanding the different facets and tricks behind effective search engine optimization or SEO has become increasingly more difficult over the last several years. With major search engines like Google constantly changing their algorithms and hundreds of different factors used to determine your ranking, it may seem like mastering SEO is impossible. However, when you enlist […]

5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018 // Sep 06 // JLB

The power of social media is growing every day and what is cool today may not be the “it” platform tomorrow. In fact, because these social media platforms are constantly changing, Social Media Marketing is changing too. With new additions to popular platforms that include video sharing, stories and more —it’s extremely important for your company […]