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5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer // Aug 30 // JLB

Creating a website that draws in clients, helps them find the information they need and keeps them coming back for more is often easier said than done. While your website should engage your customers, it should also boldly say who you are, what you do and what you can offer. Luckily, with the right web […]

5 Basic Logo Types and When to Use Them // Aug 23 // JLB

Do you have a million great ideas running through your head each day but can’t seem to find a good place to start when it comes to logo design? The best place to start when designing a logo that stands out for all the right reasons is to decide what style you want it to […]

6 Key Elements of Viral Digital Marketing // Aug 16 // JLB

Having a piece of your web marketing content go viral is kind of like winning a lottery jackpot. A perfectly executed YouTube video tweeted out at just the right time can result in a cascade of retweets that raise your business profile exponentially. When your site and landing pages have the high-quality web design Nashville […]

What Website Owners Should Know About the Google Algorithm // Aug 09 // JLB

It can be easy to forget that Google has only been in our lives for around 20 years. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we ever lived without the Internet and Google’s massive search capacity. Today, understanding Google is vital in getting noticed on the ‘net. Looking good to the Google search algorithm is integral in […]