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3 Emerging Technologies for Modern Websites // Jan 27 // JLB

  A good website is worth the effort. A poorly designed website or one that is difficult to use will drive away potential customers. The risk of losing customers is high because so many internet users shop from a mobile device or tablet and often from directly in store aisles. The following three emerging trends […]

5 Ways Your Webpage Let’s You Down // Jan 20 // JLB

  Websites are an integral part of digital marketing in Nashville, Franklin and surrounding areas. As such an important tool for local businesses, it is critical that people understand the challenges that websites face, and how they can let you down. Here are five key areas where websites fail to perform. 1. Not Mobile Compatible — […]

Why Optimization Matters in Web Design // Jan 13 // JLB

  Website optimization is another way of saying search engine optimized. What both of these terms mean is the quality of a website’s design to fit into its role on the web. Web Design and Optimization Web optimization is limited by the quality of a website’s design. A poor design means poor optimization. Both can […]

Image Optimization – Are Your Site’s Images Helping? // Jan 11 // JLB

Images play a huge role in Franklin and Nashville web design. To drive that point home consider that over 72 million people use Pinterest and there are over 50 billion pictures pinned to Pinterest boards. Pictures are a vital part of digital marketing, social marketing, and web design. Be that as it may, simply uploading […]