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Reasons to step out of the Waterfall // Jul 18 // JLB

Hey everyone! This is my first post as the new graphic designer for JLB Works, LLC. I have a history of graphic design in B2B, B2B2C, and B2C Marketing in everything from an SAAS (Software as a Solution) company serving the agriculture equipment industry, to working with email and social marketing for fortune 500 companies. […]

How to use Pinterest to win friends and influence people… // Jul 05 // JLB

So…Uniqlo, an awesome Japanese clothes company (I buy their clothes every time I’m in NYC. They’re affordable and really durable. I have two linen shirts that I bought 6 years ago and they still make my regular rotation), figured out an interesting way to “market” on Pinterest. I use the term “market” loosely because they […]