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Responsive Web Design // Mar 27 // JLB

We seem to be getting this request a lot lately … “can you design our new site for a mobile phone?” or “will our new site look okay in an iPad?” or “should we re-design our website to be more mobile-friendly?”

It’s a valid line of thought — and these are exactly the kind of questions clients should be asking. Mobile web usage is at an all-time high (see insightful article and “infographic” from DigitalBuzz). Some estimate that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014. The way your site looks in an iPhone, on a Droid, or in a tablet matters now more than it ever has. The W3C even has a standards section devoted entirely to mobile.

WordPress Contact Forms Made Stupidly Simple // Mar 22 // JLB

Every once in a blue moon, a WordPress plugin comes along that completely knocks my pants off (or socks, since we have a family-oriented office). The last time that happened, it was Ingenesis Limited’s Shopp commerce plugin.

Facebook Timeline…(download a design template here!) // Mar 13 // JLB

Timeline is coming to Facebook. The official change is March 30. As we understand it, at that point Timeline will be the format option that you will find on Facebook. So while we understand the urge to complain, we figure it is time to embrace and ultimately have found much to celebrate about this new […]