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Privacy? // Feb 28 // JLB

If you’ve had your public radio on in the last few days, or happened to check out the tech news in your paper of choice, then you’re in the loop on the latest privacy changes that Google is deploying. If you don’t know what’s about to happen, then this post is for you. Bottom Line? […]

Searching custom fields in WordPress with meta_query // Feb 22 // JLB

There have been quite a few incredibly useful features that were introduced in WordPress version 3.0, which came out over a year ago. However, perhaps my favorite didn’t come till half a year later when version 3.1 was released. Previously, searching posts, pages or custom post types using custom field required a more-than-reasonable amount of […]

Working Alone // Feb 08 // JLB

As the lead, and oftentimes only designer working on a project at JLB, it can be hard to stay fresh and continuously come up with ideas–not to mention good ideas. Over the 5+ years of being the Creative Director here, I’ve learned how to get my mind focused on a project and how to jumpstart […]