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Easy Ruby on Rails OS X upgrade // Sep 26 // JLB

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit boxed-in by the web technologies that I’m most familiar with (i.e. html & css, php & mysql, javascript). After a lengthy Ruby discussion with a developer friend, I decided that Ruby on Rails would be perhaps be a good solution to be desire to branch out. However, when I tried installing the latest versions of both Ruby and Rails for OS X, I ran into error after error.

JLB // Sep 25 // JLB

Here at JLB we encourage all of our clients to keep Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs fresh with new content. To keep our own blog up to date we have a little schedule to make sure our blogs are posted at different times during the month. The thing is, we aren’t so good at keeping […]

Google's Search Results // Sep 23 // JLB

There’s a reason I keep finding reasons to write about Google in the JLB blog, these days. They are one of the biggest forces of influence on the Net. If you’ve been listening to public radio lately, you might be hearing more and more about Congress’ interest in the search giant. This week, Google’s CEO […]

The Future of Video? // Sep 22 // JLB

The powers-that-be at Netflix made a bold move this weekend, announcing that their streaming side and physical video side will now be two separate entities with separate names. In the wake of more and more streaming video, Netflix is betting that the dvd-by-mail service will gradually become more novelty than necessary. We’ll see if they’re […]

A little post about web fonts… // Sep 01 // JLB

Smashing Magazine (one of the greatest web resources for designers and developers) is redesigning their site and Elliot Jay Stocks is doing it. He posted a great article about web font usage. Check out his post here: Choose your web fonts wisely