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A complete guide to Google+ // Jul 29 // JLB

Long before Google+ even went into beta testing, the blogosphere was abuzz with rumors of Google’s newest attempt at entering the social media world–some might remember the complete wash of Google Buzz–and in that moment in time, Plus was a huge mystery. Fast-forward six months or so and we’re out of beta testing, the world is still abuzz with Google+, over 20 million users have registered for accounts… and yet Google+ is still a mystery. Very few people know exactly what to do with new service or what its features are.

Why Classic Disney Still Does it for Me // Jul 28 // JLB

When you’re still as excited about the classic Disney Animated Features at 28 as you were when you were a toddler, you tend to want to qualify it. Otherwise, people start to wonder. The newly opened Franklin Theatre will be showing Mary Poppins this weekend. My favorite. Naturally, I’ve been blasting the soundtrack throughout the […]

Cold Summer Treats // Jul 14 // JLB

It’s been too hot to bake these days, so we’ve made popsicles instead. If you need a way to cool off this summer, give one (or more) of these a try! 80’s Tang Pops These remind me of hot September days in California. 6 tablespoons Tang 2 cups water Mix together until the Tang is […]

Charity Pays: How businesses competing for your business are now aiming for the heart. // Jul 13 // JLB

It isn’t enough anymore that American businesses reduce their negative effects on the environment or tolerate diversity in the workplace. We’ve come to expect so much more. Way more. Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the strange ways corporations are targeting your sense of philanthropy…