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Coming in for a "landing…" // Jun 25 // JLB

When clients hire us to optimize their websites, we always start with research and evaluation. One of the very first things we do is look at their site as a whole — how many pages are there, what is the content, and, of course, what is the site’s purpose. From there, we start to dig into the metrics behind the site – how many visitors does the site receive, where are they coming from, how long are they staying, and what pages are the most popular.

In Search of Inspiration // Jun 24 // JLB

I find it so hard to get inspired just flipping through websites. I love that Twitter takes me places I would never go on my own, but sometimes I need to get creative when looking for inspiration (and motivation). I sit down and color with the kids or go for a walk around the park. […]

JLB's got a new e-commerce solution in the house // Jun 09 // JLB

Over the years, we’ve used various e-commerce solutions to meet our client’s needs.  From Cube Cart to Shopify to Zen Cart.  However, there’s never been a single one that we’ve felt really integrated well with the content management system we use or was incredibly versatile in the design department.  Fortunately, Team JLB decided to recently […]

Franklin Theatre's Trial Run // Jun 06 // JLB

The Franklin Theatre officially kicked off this past weekend with a VIP variety show for local donors followed by an inaugural showing of “Gone With the Wind.” Main street was blocked to cars, packed with happy, sweaty people and made for my most memorable Franklin experience in a long time. We Franklinites are a lot […]

Stats that catch your eye… // Jun 02 // JLB

Every now and then I like to keep up with the99percent.com and look at some of the interesting (and sometimes shocking) statistics that have to do with the “creative sector.” Their recent poll of the creative community came up with some interesting numbers. Apparently the Home Of?ce is catching on because 38% of people polled […]