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Party on Main Street // Apr 24 // JLB

Shutting down Main Street is becoming commonplace in Downtown Franklin!Bring your friends and family for some good, small-town Franklin fun! The weekend of April 30-May 1 is my favorite–Main Street Festival! It’s so much fun to shop and eat and visit with all the friends you meet walking down the street. It is expanding this […]

The Power (within) Social Media // Apr 23 // JLB

I read an interesting article this morning. It addresses the fact that social media is powered not by the friends you keep in touch with on a regular basis, but the acquaintances that only a social media outlet connects us to.

Social Media – Is It Working for You? // Apr 21 // JLB

We’ve been talking (and tweeting) a lot lately about the power of social media for businesses. JLB has been using outlets like Twitter and Facebook for a few years now, and at the beginning of 2011, we unveiled a social media package for our clients. It’s been received well, and we’ve signed up a dozen […]

Cloud Technology // Apr 15 // JLB

In my free time I write action movie scripts with a writing partner in L.A. It’s something he invited me to be a part of a year ago, and since then we’ve written and pitched three scripts together. This year, writing from a distance became extra hard because of our individual schedules.

Google doodles patent? // Apr 04 // JLB

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this already, but Google recently obtained a patent for their google.com “doodles.” For some time now, Google has been altering their logo to reflect a certain historical event or holiday. Old branding and logo design textbooks might say that drastically changing your logo the way Google does […]