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Written Portraits // Mar 31 // JLB

I love to see design changing and challenging what is “normal.” Click here to have a look. These autobiographies have new life and have taken a normal book and made it into a sculpture. I love that the envelope is still being pushed in print as well as web. Since books have so much competition […]

Therapy // Mar 28 // JLB

So, I’ve suffered a few “shots to the heart” the past month, and I’d like to use this blog time as therapy — on the company clock, of course. The cool thing about therapy is (not that I have any experience), the patient isn’t expected to make any sense of his own bloviating — that’s […]

Yet another HTML5 compatibility solution // Mar 28 // JLB

Last month, I posted an article, , with a specific JavaScript trick to ease the transition to HTML5 and aid in cross-browser compatibility.  While I still think Modernizr.js is a great script and easy way to start down the HML5 road, I just recently found perhaps an even better tool, or rather set of tools, […]

Social Media King? // Mar 24 // JLB

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Tweets, statuses, video blogs. You don’t want to be left behind, like this guy… JLB can help you keep your social networking message clear.

Podcamp – Nashville's top-shelf (interactive) unconference // Mar 19 // JLB

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve attended PodCamp. It’s not that we opted out of last year for any particular reason, but we didn’t make it a priority. This year is different. This year, we are going again. And this year, it’s bigger than it’s ever been. “What’s PodCamp?” you ask… well, it’s […]