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Offensive Design // Feb 28 // JLB

Remember this? That’s right, it’s the 2012 London Olympics logo. The logo was designed by Wolff Olins to the tune of £400,000. Wolff Olins is a world wide leader in brand development and management. They’ve been a large part of the reason brands like (RED), Target and General Motors (to name a few) are so […]

Facebook's Makeover // Feb 27 // JLB

Facebook changing its layout is like the grocery store moving the bread aisle. It takes a while to get used to and to find your way around again. The latest Facebook change is no different. Some people like the fact that you can instantly see photos of friends and information about the person whose profile […]

Backwards compatible HTML5 the JavaScript way // Feb 24 // JLB

HTML5 isn’t new news, but it is still is the latest and greatest of the HTML language to date.  Unfortunately, the majority of developers, myself included, are putting-off learning and using the new technology.  Learning new markup and making sure everything is cross-browser compatible are no fun tasks.  Fortunately, one those those can be easily […]

Why HootSuite is so sweet… // Feb 21 // JLB

So we’ve been playing a little at Camp JLB. The latest toy? HootSuite. If you’re new to social networking, you might not know what HootSuite does. If you’ve been social networking, you might not realize how far HootSuite extends.