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Protection: It's not just for your… // Dec 16 // JLB

A couple months ago, there was quite a big fuss about a new Firefox extension, called Firesheep, that allowed virtually anyone using the Firefox browser to steal valuable login information of people sharing an unencrypted wifi connection. In simpler terms, if you logged in to your Gmail, Facebook or Youtube account at a place like a coffee shop, another person connected to the same wifi could essentially access those same accounts for a brief amount of time.

Holiday hiatus // Dec 14 // JLB

We’re just days away from our annual Holiday Hiatus, and it’s crazy to think that another year is coming to an end. What is “Holiday Hiatus,” you ask? It is the much anticipated end-of-the-year break for Team JLB. Think of it as a college Christmas break… for adults. Typically, we take our annual work Hiatus […]