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Burn Out // Sep 30 // JLB

In the creative services industry, getting burned out is a fairly common issue. When one needs to constantly be “creative,” to always be coming up with new and unique ideas day in and day out, it can be hard to keep those ideas fresh and on point. It’s important to be able to identify when […]

JLB's five favorite WordPress plugins // Sep 30 // JLB

It’s no secret that the dev team here at JLB is in love with WordPress.  It’s PHP-based, it’s flexible, it’s an easy install, it’s user-friendly.  Sure, there are other content management systems out there that might be a better project-specific fit, but overall, WordPress is out go-to CMS savior.  However, WordPress still leaves quite a […]

A little taste of history // Sep 25 // JLB

Our family has a few Franklin fall traditions…and one of our favorites is a visit to Gentry’s Farm to pick our own pumpkins, wind through the corn maze, and take a tractor ride through the fields to see baby cows and hear a little local history. This year we got a special treat. The day […]

The New Twitter… it's coming // Sep 15 // JLB

Within the past week or so, many Twitter users have noted the option to “try the new version” of Twitter. This new interface has been met with the usual “reluctance” by avid users. But, like Facebook before it (or Google, Yahoo!, etc.), the people behind the curtain at Twitter recognize the need to constantly innovate […]