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SSL – Shared or Dedicated? // Jul 30 // JLB

When you open your online storefront to accept credit cards, you enter a world of ever-increasing security. One important piece to your new shopping experience, is an SSL certificate. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and it is a protocol to provide security over the internet.  That just means that any information transferred from your […]

Behance is now on LinkedIn // Jul 29 // JLB

The Behance Network and LinkedIn.com have teamed up to create an artist portfolio app for artists who use LinkedIn.com. It’s called Creative Portfolio Display and it’s “…a free and easy way to display your visual work, present creative projects done for past clients or for your personal portfolio and showcase your creative talent to recruiters […]

WordPress… in the nude // Jul 26 // JLB

When it comes to coding a Wordpress theme, there are, without a doubt, plenty of starting points. While duplicating and editing the Classic theme is one of the most popular options, starting from a blank theme or a framework are much more efficient options.

New graphic design and website development for Costa Rica // Jul 13 // JLB

This week, JLB launched a new website for our Costa Rican client, Events Costa Rica. And, we have to admit, it’s a tasty little spitfire! Events & Weddings Costa Rica, is a company focused on creating unique, customized wedding and honeymoon experiences in one of the most beautiful countries in the Western Hemisphere. Recently, Samantha […]