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Image Editing in WordPress // Dec 30 // JLB

Recently we’ve launched a few web sites that use WordPress for content management. WordPress is a very robust content managment tool and it’s fairly intuitive when adding pages and content. However, when it comes to images, there are a few tricks that are

Q&A Part 2 // Dec 18 // JLB

This is Part 2 of my Q & A with Joshua Lomelino discussing the Web design process. I wanted to post in two parts, but it’s so long that I decided to make it three. I hope you enjoy it.

New Google tool to aid in content design // Dec 17 // JLB

As a design firm, we are constantly presented with the puzzle of creating websites that are pleasing to the eye, but also contain critical information in key places. Due to the wide range of browsers, resolutions and monitor sizes, this can often times be

One of Google's Favorite Places // Dec 16 // JLB

This past week, we received a package from Google. Surprised? Yes, we were

Behind the beauty // Dec 07 // JLB

Recently, Michael Cole approached JLB, LLC for help with his website. The artist knew what he wanted and had already mocked up his design in Photoshop. But he needed modern coding and a certain dynamic action behind his pages in order to give them the rig