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Benefits of email marketing // Oct 31 // JLB

Recently, my husband and I were discussing the differences between email marketing and mass mailers. After doing a little research, the benefits of email marketing make the most sense for stretching your advertising dollar. Here are three ways that email

Finally a Guide for Google Wave! // Oct 30 // JLB

A few months ago, a friend that works in the Montain View office of Google visited and came preaching Google’s newest, massive project, Google Wave. Being too antsy to watch the hour-something video that Google produced about Wave, I had him show me a co

Some of our most recent work… // Oct 28 // JLB

JLB stands for more than just great web design and development; JLB stands for strong brand development and sweet print design. Check out some of the things we’ve been doing lately.

New Site for The Heritage Foundation // Oct 25 // JLB

Hot off the presses… Team JLB has just launched a new website for one of Williamson County’s oldest and most notable nonprofit organizations

Google's Local Business Center, pt. 2 // Oct 09 // JLB

Placing your business into Google’s Local Business Center is important and can give your company increased web exposure. Unfortunately, optimizing a listing in the LBC isn’t as straightforward as “normal SEO.” What to do…