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S.E…whoa! (seo for the photographix) // Sep 29 // JLB

When The Photographix approached us earlier this month, the topic was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ve known this dynamic duo for a while, but we didn’t realize just how big their business had gotten

Design Books that I like to read, Vol. III // Sep 25 // JLB

“Design is at a turning point. Our infatuation with — 3and the backlash against — technology is over.” When people think of graphic design, they immediately think about computers but that’s not where graphic design began

The dead and dying breeds // Sep 21 // JLB

Granted, I’m quite a ways away from having children, but for whatever reason, I started thinking about all the gadgets that I grew up with that my children will know nothing of and all the money I’ve spent on these seemingly necessary contraptions. Techn

CSS, tables, development, wine down main street // Sep 20 // JLB

When developing a web site, there are two primary ways to incorporate the design with the other content of the site: use tables, or create classes through CSS. There are lots of people out there who like to debate about the benefits and drawbacks of each

Design for designers… // Sep 10 // JLB

One of Nashville’s most inspiring interior designers, Beth Haley, recently hired JLB to update the branding, identity, web presence and e-communications for her interior design company, Beth Haley Designs, BHD