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Design Books that I like to read, Vol. II // Jul 31 // JLB

With lots of “do’s” and “don’ts” from an industry insider willing to be open about the mistakes he’s made (so you don’t have to), this book is perfect for a junior (or senior) designer needing to know how to present themselves

Rebranding a giant… // Jul 30 // JLB

Starbucks Coffee’s latest move has a lot of baristas shaking their heads. If you haven’t heard, the skinny is: The company has launched a new brand of coffee shops, 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea

McDougal's… wings with style! // Jul 17 // JLB

McDougal’s (chicken fingers & wings) has hired Team JLB to help reinvigorate its marketing and branding strategies with visual enhancements, creative copy and a stellar website

Design Books that I like to read. // Jul 10 // JLB

It’s no secret that I don’t like to read fiction. If I’m going to sit down and read something that’s more than 100 pages, I want to learn something new or discover a different way of doing things that relate to my craft.

Five Reasons You Need a Content Management System // Jul 02 // JLB

So, you’ve decided to create a new web site for yourself or your company. You have lots of decisions to make about design, navigation, page layout and content. But, what about after you launch that site? How are you going to update the content? How are yo

More than just moo-moo and buzz-buzz! // Jul 01 // JLB

Team JLB just completed the re-design of the Williamson County Fair’s website