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Jimmy Fallon pokes fun at social networking on his Late Night Show // May 29 // JLB

I laughed out loud thinking about how different life is now with all of these different venues for communication

New website in the works for Lavé MD… // May 29 // JLB

Since 2003, Brentwood-based Lavé MD has offered Middle Tennesseans a full range of aesthetic procedures (treatment for varicose veins, sun damaged skin, laser hair removal, facials, massage, and the like)

JLB & Sitening make a Raven video // May 22 // JLB

Recently, Sitening selected JLB to work on a series of webisodes about its flagship SEO / SEM software, called Raven. The first webisode, shot with a hand-held HD camera, was taken at JLB HQ in downtown Franklin

Long live the 80s!… and calculator watches // May 15 // JLB

When I was a kid, I used to be the king of watches. From weather-forecasting barometer watches to flip-face Ninja Turtle watches, I had to have them. However, perhaps my favorite of them all was this little gem that I happened to come across…

Search Engine Optimization for Costa Rica? // May 14 // JLB

A full SEO makeover? Okay, maybe we didn’t “optimize” Costa Rica, but we do have a client there who came to us six months ago wanting to improve her site’s organic standings

SERP matters // May 05 // JLB

Ever heard of a SERP? If yes, then you must know a thing or two about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). If no, then this little ditty might help. But why am I writing about a seemingly esoteric acronym