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Communicating during difficult times // Nov 30 // JLB

Over the past few months, we’ve seen the U.S. economy take some tough turns. These changes have affected (and continue to affect) a wide swath of industries.

Go back up your data. No, now! Seriously, I'll wait. // Nov 28 // JLB

Ok, let me start of by saying I am a tech guy. I have worked on, in and around computers for over 20 years. I know how important it is to backup y

be a typographist in your spare time // Nov 24 // JLB

For this blog post, I decided to start a series focusing on typography.  Everyday designers use an element of design that may be taken for granted by most people; an element that I personally find most beautiful. This morning I received an e-mail

Franklin Is Sizzling! // Nov 14 // JLB

 The Sizzle Awards are heating up on FranklinIs.com.  With voters vot

Make your vote count! // Nov 13 // JLB

The November 4th election is over and we all heard about the high voter turnout at the polls. Whether you are pleased, disappointed or indifferent to the outcomes of this year’s election, you probably felt the pressure to cast your vote. So that&

Action Figure or Dinosaur? // Nov 09 // JLB

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes this is useful, because it pushes me to do the best work that I can.  In other aspects of my life, my perfectionism can be a hindrance. Take for example, my struggles with organization.

Five Questions with John Crain concerning CMS // Nov 05 // JLB

1. What is a CMS?
A Content Management System, is, in its simplest form, software used to simplify the process of storing and editing information found on a website.

2. How do some CMS work (from a programming point

You need us….You know you do – Part 3 // Nov 04 // JLB

We have finally reached the half-way point on our journey through the steps of branding. And in my opinion, these next two steps could be the most important to your brand…

1. Define the Problem