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Random thoughts while editting America's Last Best Hope // Aug 26 // JLB

You may have noticed the blurb about the latest project we have been working on at JLB WORKS.

This project, America’s Last Best H

Can't Live Without It // Aug 12 // JLB

Why is design important?

This is the question I asked my fellow employees as I gave my first presentation at JLB, and I got some awesome answers.

Initially, as I was doing some research (for that nerve-racking presentation), I found a blog

The Franklin Classic – Running for a Cause // Aug 10 // JLB

This year marks the 30th anniversary the Franklin Classic, a race that began in 1979 as the “CPS Cancer Run.” CPS Printing sponsored the race an

Web Statistic Reports // Aug 08 // JLB

Every month I have the privileged task of creating web stat reports for clients.  The report informs clients with detailed statistics about the traffic their site is receiving.  First, clients are shown a chart that summarizes the visits thei

New hires, well wishes // Aug 05 // JLB

There’s been a little movin’ and shakin’ at JLB HQ.

Longtime employee and Vice President, Brooke Schroeder, recently announcend that she would not be coming back to Team JLB at the conclusion of her maternity leave. Over the past seve

Using Your // Aug 04 // JLB

The HEAD section contains all link relationships, CSS, javascript, meta tags, your page title and lots of other incredibly useless stuff… that is, if your goal is to have a site that doesn’t get picked up by searched engines, has jack squat for s

RGB vs CMYK // Aug 01 // JLB

I’m going to take a break from my branding series to talk briefly about the difference between the colors you see on your tv/computer monitor and the colors that you see on printed pieces (like magazines).

RGB stands for “Red Green