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Franklin Web design Company examples for JLB website providing many services like inbound marketing and SEO plus full support for businesses in Franklin TN.

Founded as a Web Design company in Franklin TN in 2003 just off main street.  Franklin’s oldest and most established Web Design expert team!  And, voted the Best Web Design company in the county multiple times.

JLB’s creative direction is to establish a an online solution that drives the multi-level development of a dynamic, professional, and interactive solution.  Website should be modern, different, and easy-to-navigate with mobile responsive development.

A proper web design should advance identity and branding, while staging the engineering that enhances Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  And all be created, delivered and supported in one-place!

The Web Design should affect a navigation that is intuitive and user-friendly. A new web design should be fresh, committed colors, promotes identity and brand, while promoting new client interest, differentiate from competitors, be open to change and growth, full consideration for mobile users, and embrace multi browser support.

Some of our local Franklin TN clients

Franklin Theatre  *  Franklin Special School District  *  Merridees  *  Star Physical Therapy  *  Franklin Synergy Bank


Our Franklin Web Design Concepts

Great web design Franklin company image of a graphic designer creating website design mockups | by JLB a Franklin Web Design, Inbound Marketing and SEO company

Focused on being the best web design company in Franklin TN.  We want your business’ online presence to have all the right components for its function and interaction with your website users.  Franklin TN’s JLB has a mission to provide amazing and results driven online solutions to businesses while removing risk and costs  building its own website, infrastructure and online marketing team.

Your website design is the first impression of your business and brand.  Anyone considering doing business with you in Franklin TN will inspect your website and draw conclusions immediately based on the website design.   One of the major differentiators of JLB is that we lead with the web design.  Lead with design means to focus on what the web design presence means to your business.

The Web Design sets the tone and is the #1 Return on Investment for digital marketing as noted in Forrester Research and Gartner Group.  A great web design will drive:  Your brand  –  Market message & perception –  User experience  –  Customer conversion  –  Website functionality.

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Franklin Web Design Services

The JLB concept consists of a best-in-class and open standards Content Management System (“CMS”), comprising of innovative maintenance tools, easy and simple customer management interfaces. Additionally, the CMS is designed within best practice standards so that our sites can easily evolve with new modules and plugin functionality and seamlessly scale for your growing needs. Business Class Quality is the core of what we do.

The JLB concept takes over 15 different online vendor applications and simplifies them into one solution.  Simple and powerful results.

A strong value for businesses!

Franklin Web Design competitive graphic - Showing Franklin web design and web inbound marketing solutions and more

With ever-advancing technology, people use a number of devices to access online information. Our designers work across all platforms for the user experience to be consistent from desktops to mobile devices. Before delivering any complete design, we make sure we have a design that is well researched and embodies your business wholly.

Our Franklin Web Design specialists would love to talk. Call us at 615.794.2123, submit a CONTACT US Form or stop by our office.

Franklin Web Design Processes –  (we are local!)

Simple but comprehensive assistance every step of the way.

  1. Web Design: Initial discussion, concepts, presentation, final design
  2. Web Development: Design coding, functions, databases, CMS
  3. Integration: Layout and style, modules, content, staging
  4. Launch: Server allocation, infrastructure, maintenance, configurations, support setup
  5. Manage and Promote: Security, support, backup, maintain and marketing (SEO, Ads and more)

A Before/After Franklin Web Design – TMA Group:

Franklin Web design before and after for the The Transportation Management Group of Franklin TN

Franklin Web Design Feedback:

Gerry Edtl Consulting (Franklin TN based) really needed help getting their business lifted up, competitive and drawing attention   Their current marketing and online presence was far from achieving those goals.   We spent some time understanding their business (truly understanding) and helping brainstorm some ideas on how to re-engineer their marketing plans.   Their business is unique with a target audience so it was important that we hit the right elements, kept it simple and presented the business in an appropriate manner for their market.

JLB lived up to its promise and we are grateful to be counted as one of yours.  You Delivered! – Jordan, VP Gerry Edtl Consulting

JLB came up with some concepts, design and strategies and collaborated on the implementation of this new direction.  A new website design, new logo work, graphic designs, marketing materials, well written and placed new copy, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and more.   Ultimately, we put in place a solution that meets their business needs and made am impression on them as new friends of our company.

Franklin web design, inbound marketing, and business class support in one place.  A one call partnership for your online needs.  Look forward to talking…