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Web Design Overview and Process

Custom Website Solution

Customer seeks to redesign its website and establish a professionally maintained infrastructure for its website and online marketing operations. Client desires a multi-level development with a dynamic, professional, and interactive solution. Website should be modern, different, and easy-to-navigate and mobile responsive. Design should advance identity and branding, while engineering should enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and site scalability.

Navigation for the design should be intuitive and user-friendly. Site design will include page-side coding for optimal size, load time and index-ability by Search Engines.

Key elements:

  • Customer desires a professional, modern and functional website platform that serves to illustrate its premier level of experience and expertise, provides a sustainable, scalable solution that effectively supports its marketing efforts online, and attracts and engages the company’s most ideal customers.
  • The website design will be clean and full-width, make great use of high-quality imagery, leverage the most up-to-date best practices in content architecture, navigation, and user experience, as well as include thoughtful calls to action (CTAs) to drive engagement and inquiries in site.
  • The website will utilize a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) for easy, ongoing updates to on-site informational content, form entry edits, blog posting, product details, new page creation, and more.
  • As a client of JLB, the Client will enjoy ON-DEMAND services with our professional teams from branding design needs for print and digital materials to content writing services and custom programming.
  • Client seeks JLB for ongoing, business-class managed services including, but not limited to webmaster support, troubleshooting, 24/7 disaster protection support, dedicated server infrastructure with guaranteed uptime, and more. Support services should be responsive, with same-day follow up and quick resolution turnarounds.

In particular, components requested will include:

  • Discovery and Consult
  • Website Graphic Design
  • Website Engineering (HTML/CSS/PHP)
  • Content Management System Integration and Styling (CMS)
  • Business Class Managed Services
  • Marketing Services (as needed)‌

NOTE: The budget for this agreement includes the phases as specifically defined and the key elements as specifically defined. Anything requested that is not clearly indicated in this agreement within the phases or the key elements is not included in the budget of this agreement, but can be accommodated, and will be billable under time and materials of $150 per hour.

Working Approach

The process will start with a design kickoff meeting to capture vision and brand while outlining the site navigation concepts, ensure we are meeting branding and identity impact, and to determine layout, framing, and functional components with thoughtfulness towards online marketing needs.

As indicated in each Phase, our approach to each component of the work varies according to the work required. In each instance, however, JLB will communicate on a regular basis, as needed, with client (through e-mail, telephone, and in-person meetings if necessary) to ensure that each phase of work receives proper information.

We will seek approval in the design phase, approval is particularly important since the design lays the foundation and sets in stone the development and functionality of the website for client.  Changes or additions to designs after approvals or phase additions can be accommodated but will impact budget. Client must provide all content for the website unless content optimized copywriting is included in the scope.


Design and development timelines can range based on the complexity of the work requested. It will be critical, throughout the project, that JLB receive timely feedback and response from client in order to maintain proper pace, in keeping with this timeline.

Note – Any additional functionality or designs requested by client after signature could cause the project to take additional time.

Process Overview & Budget

Phase I: Discovery, Consultation & Project Management

This includes researching and reviewing details with client and its operations, as well as other relevant input. Best use and best practices, like/dislikes, needs and wants will be discussed, reviewed and outlined in an effort to establish key design and function ideas to shape the forthcoming design and development marketing components. Your dedicated project manager assists you.


Phase II: Website Design

Generally: This includes an initial design meeting to explore concepts, likes, dislikes, fonts, colors, objectives, business presentation, brand and more.  Also includes brand and graphic research, web framing and workup of a professional website design concept to be reviewed, edited and approved for overall site design and construction to follow.

Key Design Ideas: New design should be fresh, committed colors, promotes identity and brand, while promoting sales and products, differentiate from competitors, ability to make adjustments and changes as needed, leverage open source flexibilities, full consideration for mobile users, and multi browser support.

JLB uses advanced design tools and Adobe Creative Suites products for its graphics (such as Photoshop and Illustrator).

Home page concept: This includes up to two (2) initial design concept(s) (home page and navigation) to be approved from a professional design mockup (graphic image) provided. That design will be reviewed with client and approved for overall site design and construction to follow, with up to two (2) revisions of the selected concept to establish final approval.  Additional design concepts can be created and will be billed via time and materials needed. ‌

Website Pages (sub-pages) Style Guide:  The web pages style guide concept will visually demonstrates how we will apply the brand concepts from the approved home page design throughout the website pages.  Specifically, this will demonstrate consistent items like the navigation and header/footer of the pages, as well as buttons, fonts, colors, and a few other things that match your approved homepage design.  The page style guide represents pages on your website that are not the homepage.


Phase III: Engineering and Development

Web Space/Server and Stats: This covers the setup of web space on our private servers. This also includes the implementation all necessary software and licensing to provide appropriate site activity and functionality. Website and Domain name(s) will be installed and maintained on JLB dedicated servers/systems as assets of JLB.  See Development Complete Phase – Business Class Managed Services for details.

Engineering: Site will be tested in cross-browser compatibility software to ensure proper deliver across PC/Mac platforms and multiple browsers.  Older versions of browsers may not display a website correctly and effective Jan 12, 2016 Microsoft announced end of life and support of its Internet Explorer software so we cannot guarantee functionality with that browser.  ‌

Web Design construction will take into account the various screen sizes (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones) that are currently in use and should provide optimal experience for a user regardless of the device they use.

Smartphone 320px   //   Tablet 768px   //   Laptop 1024px  //  PC 1920px

JLB uses text editors to program (a “pure code” approach). And, JLB typically programs in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, connected to a MySQL database, all on a JLB secured and dedicated server.

Web Revision Definition: A revision is defined as minor changes, as solely defined by Service Provider, that would not require additional development or graphic design that changes the overall design concept. Any change request NOT considered minor will be billed at the Service Provider’s hourly rate. Additional concepts can be provided if desired but will impact budget.


Phase IV: CMS Integration, Support Setup and Training

This involves integrating system site constructed pages into an integrated Content Management System (CMS) so that client or JLB Managed Support can easily manage and update website pages and sections, including the ability to add new pages, change/add text, insert links, and insert images.

Content Placement:

  1. Client is responsible for providing all the content for the website (text/images) and is responsible for the spelling, grammar and quality of content.
  2. JLB will place and style (per the approved child page theme) the content provided.  Content will be styled into the home page and first five (5) primary pages of the navigation (page sizes within reason of up to 3 paragraphs of content & two images).
  3. Website will be coded so that any additional pages can easily be added.  Page additions will be auto coded with the proper styling so client can easily add any additional content.
  4. Content provided by client before “Development Complete” will be integrated per these guidelines.  However, any content received after Development is Complete can be added by the client or added by JLB Support at $150 per hour. ‌

Staging review:  Website will be live on a staging server and may be Development Complete for the purposes of the client to perform their user review and make content adjustments.  Site will be published publicly on the Internet once client gives JLB approval to do so. ‌

Hands on Tutorial: This covers a one-hour tutorial to show client how to access website and manage the website pages easily.  Additional training sessions can be provided at $175 per session.


Phase V: Full Content Placement and Styling

  • This phase includes the placement of all content on the necessary and defined pages, up to Ten (10) total pages of TOTAL content placement are included in this budget.
  • If photo gallery integration is included in this project, JLB will port and integrate all photos, up to Twenty (20) photos added will be included in this content budget.
  • JLB will help move TWENTY (20) existing blogs/news articles as part of the content scope of the project.
  • Content for pages can be transported from an existing website or provided by the client per JLB content guidelines.
  • Any additional features, functions, page photo work, blog ports, content placement, pages and page styling can be accommodated and will be billed at $150 per hour or a negotiated price.
  • Any content provided after the website is Development Complete can be added and will be supported at $150 per hour.‌

Note – Client understands that they provide all content (text/images) and are responsible for all spelling, grammar and quality of content unless content optimized content is included in the scope. If client does not want full content placement by JLB then the client understand that they are responsible for adding all content into the website.


Phase VI: “Development Complete” Business Class Managed Services

NOTE:  Free Webmaster Support is limited to 60 minutes a month of moves, adds and changes on your website.  Your support begins once your site is published on the Internet.  Support is any move, add or change that can be completed from the website editor dashboard.  Any support requests that require work outside of the dashboard will be billed at $150 per hour.  Copywriting, graphic design work and website development are not included as support.

Additional terms and conditions regarding your services with us can be reviewed HERE.

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