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Why Graphic Design Is Important in Website Design

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Published On: May 4, 2020

Graphic Design Is Imperative in Site Planning

Graphic design.

Why Graphic Design Is Important in Website Design_graphic design franklin tn_JLB_Franklin TN

Effective Graphic Design Attracts More Website Traffic

Websites can serve many different purposes. Ecommerce websites hope to convert visitors into customers. Portfolio websites aim to showcase previous work. Magazine websites convey information. But the thing that unites all of them is that they want to be visually pleasing to visitors.

This dictates all of the visual aspects of your website — color scheme, images, layouts, graphics, text

style, and more. And no matter what your website looks like, there is at least a base level of graphic design involved in the construction and implementation.

And because it’s so ubiquitous, it can be easy to overlook. Graphic design is crucial to the effectiveness of your website.

Here’s what you gain when paying attention to Quality Graphic Design For Your Website.

  1. Professional Looking Websites
  2. Unique Website Designs
  3. Clear & Consistent Website Branding
  4. Beautiful & Enjoyable Websites
  5. Increased Web Communication
  6. Websites With Easier Navigation


1. Professional Looking Websites

The first benefit of quality graphic design relates to first impressions. Websites don’t generally get a lot of time to impress new visitors. In fact, it’s usually less than 15 seconds. They’re going to go elsewhere if they don’t like what they see or don’t believe the website is going to address their concerns.

An attractive and appropriate display of text, images, and graphics is the same as showing up to a meeting in professional attire. It projects an aura of competence and respectability that immediately affords you with at least a base level of authority. This can be the influencing factor that keeps a person on your website instead of clicking off and looking elsewhere.

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate_website design_JLB_Franklin TN

Improve Website Conversion Rate with Professional Web Design

2. Unique Website Designs

There are currently over 1.5 billion websites on the internet. You want yours to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate quality graphic design elements into your web design. Every piece of customization that you take the time to include will add another level of individuality to your website.

Cookie-cutter web pages don’t hold a visitor’s attention. But a website that takes a visitor by surprise can create interest which will give them a reason to dig deeper into your content. Your website isn’t like every other website out there. It shouldn’t look like every other website either.

woman on a computer for JLB which is the Best Nashville Web Design company, serving Brentwood and Franklin TN with Web Design, SEO, Web Support and Inbound Marketing services all in-house.

Creating Unique Designs for Websites

3. Clear & Consistent Website Branding

Your brand identity is how you present yourself to your customers. It’s your personality. And every interaction you have with your customers needs to be consistent in tone and content. Including great graphic design on your website allows you to have complete control over the way your information is presented.

This creates a clear image to your visitors of who you are and why you do what you do. It helps them understand you. And the more they understand you, the more invested they will be in your offerings.

Nashville Graphic design collage for JLB which is the Best Nashville Web Design company, serving Brentwood and Franklin TN with Web Design, SEO, Web Support and Inbound Marketing services all in-house.

Strong & Clear Brand Identity in Web Development

4. Beautiful & Enjoyable Websites

People like to look at things that look good. That’s a very simple idea but that doesn’t diminish its accuracy. Nobody is going to spend a lot of time on a website that is painful to look at. Conversely, people will gladly peruse a beautiful website even if the subject matter doesn’t directly relate to them.

Of course, the goal is to attract people in need of your services, but the idea remains the same — great graphic design will make it more pleasant for a visitor to view your website, which will lead them to spend more time on your website, which gives you a better opportunity to convert them into a customer.

Website company TN meeting for the Tennessee website design of JLB, noted the best web design company in Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin TN with SEO, inbound marketing, graphic design and web support services all in-house.

Enjoyable Websites Makes Happy Clients

5. Increased Web Communication

Many people think content is the only way to engage your visitors and communicate ideas. But in reality, it’s the entire package. Graphic design portrays just as much of a message as your content. It tells people that you take yourself seriously, it solidifies your brand in their mind, and it explains how you go about your business.

This creates engagement. And more engaging content gives people a reason to spend more time on your website. Initiating engagement is another way to start a dialogue with your visitors which gets them more invested in your services and products.

Communicating with local businesses with professionally built websites and graphic designers

Communicate With Customers via Beautiful Websites

6. Websites With Easier Navigation

Graphic design makes your website look better. But it also helps direct the visitor toward relevant information. People want to find their desired information quickly, and because of the large amount of options on the internet, they’ll go elsewhere if they can’t find it. It’s in your best interest to make it as easy as possible for visitors to get around your website and find what they are looking for.

Quality graphic design points new visitors to the different areas of your website and highlights salient information. This creates a more streamlined experience for your visitors which will lead to further exploration of your material.

A Website that is Easy and Enjoyable to use and navigate

Easy to Navigate Websites Increase Sales

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