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Techfashion: Food for Thought

Author: JLB

Published On: December 8, 2008

I consider myself a fashionista of sorts.  Though, techfashion is not something that I have ever considered.  However, techfashion is making its way into the mainstream.  Have you heard of W-41?  They are launching a new phenomenon to the techfashion world.  

Here is how it works.  As a consumer, you would buy a product- such as a t-shirt from W-41.  The shirt would have its logo somewhere on it for others to see.  Someone sees that logo, and then they take out his or her phone and take a picture of the logo.  Within that logo is a barcode, once their phone scans the bar code- they will be directed to the owner of the shirt’s favorite website like Facebook, MySpace, etc; The “photo taker” can then send the t shirt wearer a message through their phone to the Facebook account, MySpace account, etc;

It is a pretty neat level that techfashion is going to, but I have to admit, it kind of rubs me the wrong way.  In a world where emails and text messaging are common ways of communicating, now you can send out a pick up line to someone you see out in public wearing a shirt without actually talking to the person face to face?  This is odd to me.  I fear that our community is getting away from the importance of face to face conversations.  There is something to be said for verbal communication.  With texting and emailing, sometimes what we mean to say gets lost in translation.  The intonations are not heard, the verbal expressions are not considered and the wrong message is portrayed.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that it is a neat concept to take clothing and connecting with others via the Internet to a different level.  It is a cool idea that while you are out in the community others can email you and know what your favorite sites are simply by taking a picture of the W-41 logo.  I just don’t know if it sits too well with me as a good form of communicating.  What do you think about this new phenomenon?  Leave me a comment.  Until next time…

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