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Franklin Mercantile Redesign // Nov 06 // JLB

This week, we launched the Franklin Mercantile’s new site. Graeme and Corrie have been two of our favorite clients over the years and we were excited to give them a fresh look that went along with the decor of The Merc. They had local photographer [and friend!], Dave Braud take pictures of their delicious food […]

Hush… it's a secret. // Feb 10 // JLB

I don’t think that I, personally, can hold back Team JLB’s excitement any longer. So I think I’ll give you a little sneak peek: BAM! What’s that you ask? Well, in T minus umm… soon… the entire face of jlbworks.com will change. That’s right. We’re dang close to launching the new JLB 2010 site. Get […]