JLB Exchange Email Setup for Outlook

Manual Outlook Configuration

Click on Start


Next Click on “Control Panel”


Next click on Mail


Hint: If you can’t find the “Mail” icon, type Mail in the search field.

Click Show Profiles.


Click Add… button


Type a Profile Name and click OK.


Check “Manual configure server settings or additional server types”. Click Next.


Select Microsoft Exchange. Click Next.


Fill out the Server Settings


1 – In the “Server” field, enter: AUSP01MCAS37.collaborationhost.net
2 – In the “User Name” field: Enter the mailbox’s primary email address.
3 – Click the “More Settings” button

You MAY get a warning, If you do click OK.


Another window may also pop up. Click Cancel.


Click the Connection Tab


1 – Check the box next to: Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP.
2 – Click Exchange Proxy Settings…

Microsoft Exchange Proxy Settings Page


Fill out the following.

1 – https://email.hostaccount.com
2 – Check the box next to: Only Connect to proxy server that have this principal name in their certificate:
3 – Enter msstd:email.hostaccount.com
4 – Check the box on fast networks
5 – Check the box on slow networks
6 – Change NTLM Authentication to Basic Authentication
7 – Click OK

Connection Window


Click Ok twice, then click Check Name. Type your mailbox’s Login and password. Click OK.

Name Resolution


Outlook will resolve your mailbox ( User Name is underlined ). Then click Next.

Success! – Now click Finish and open Outlook.