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How Will Graphic Design Boost Your Business // Apr 13 // JLB Support

As  73% of businesses are now investing in graphic design services to stand out amongst their competitors, if you haven’t begun to work with a graphic design agency to manage your business content and website, the time is now.  One of the main purposes of digital design services is to provide information to your consumers […]

Defining a Strong Marketing Plan can Benefit Your Business // Mar 25 // JLB Support

With 60% of smartphone users reporting that they contact a business directly from their initial search results, incorporating a strong marketing plan into your annual efforts is important. Creating and maintaining your marketing plan will be a continuous effort. To ensure your business is making the most out of your strategy, implementation can take a […]

How to Best Define Your Target Market // Mar 15 // JLB Support

As a business, you’re going to either have a product or different services that you offer to your customer base. When it comes to your marketing efforts, defining your perfect target market can be a tricky task. 75% of smartphone users expect to receive immediate, pertinent information as they search— meaning your business will want […]

Top Benefits to Outsourcing Your Marketing Needs // Mar 10 // JLB Support

Did you know that search engines drive 93% of all website traffic? With that in mind, outsourcing your SEO and marketing tactics can improve your content traffic by as much as 2,000%. Creating and maintaining your website SEO and brand marketing is a continuous effort. It can take a lot of time and resources to […]

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate // Apr 06 // JLB

The ultimate goal of internet marketing is to get a consumer to take the desired action. This most often comes in the form of a sale. However, it could also include getting someone to sign up for your newsletter, make a donation, or simply make an account on your website. Whatever your goal, there is […]

ROI & Online Marketing: How It Works // Apr 20 // JLB

A look at how ROI and content marketing works online. Online marketing can make measuring and tracking ROI easier, but more complex. For example: Tracking can be much easier since the factors one is looking for can be measured if utilizing online tools (much like SEO). As SEO helps increase the visibility one has on the internet, it requires proper […]

Where is Big Data Going, Anyway? // Dec 13 // JLB

Corporations and small businesses have one thing in common: They both thrive on information to survive. The future of big data is a confusing one, but it’s certainly possible to pin down its greater benefits. Already, market leaders are using big data, big data analytics and information-driven solutions to shape the industries around us. Whether […]

The Cost of a Website From 1995 to the Present // Nov 01 // JLB

We were researching about technology finance and found this interesting research by webpagefx.com.  They examined the average costs of websites over time and focused on what websites should cost going forward.  We found this fascinating.  Take a look at tell us what you think.   What is the Average Website Cost? Here is what webpagefx.com’s […]

Therapy // Mar 28 // JLB

So, I’ve suffered a few “shots to the heart” the past month, and I’d like to use this blog time as therapy — on the company clock, of course. The cool thing about therapy is (not that I have any experience), the patient isn’t expected to make any sense of his own bloviating — that’s […]

Facebook's Makeover // Feb 27 // JLB

Facebook changing its layout is like the grocery store moving the bread aisle. It takes a while to get used to and to find your way around again. The latest Facebook change is no different. Some people like the fact that you can instantly see photos of friends and information about the person whose profile […]