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Macs vs. PCs (what Dell doesn't want you to know)

Author: JLB

Published On: February 6, 2008

For the first four years, our office ran strictly on PCs.

That’s all changed.

Over the course of the past year, we have become a hybrid office, running PCs and Macs. Our PCs of choice are Sony and Hewlett Packard. (We really like our Sonys.) The Macs we’re using are iMacs and MacBook Pros.

So what does an office like ours think about which systems are better? Windows or Leopard? Where do we fall in the Mac vs. PC debate?

Hands down, we agree — Apple is where it’s at. And the most interesting part? It’s not even close.

Macs are faster than PCs. Macs are more dynamic. They are smoother, more versatile, easier to navigate, and more reliable. Even more, Macs are just fun to use.


– Out of the box, a Mac takes less time to set up and get running than a PC. (we’ve got experience with both setups)

– Every Mac comes with a built-in camera and the ability to have instant video chatting. (our upstairs can confer with our downstairs)

– Macs are not known to acquire viruses, while PCs are prone to infections and must have antivirus and firewall software offering active, constant protection. (no junk in the trunk)

– A Mac can run Windows and OS X (Leopard). A Mac can run Windows and Leopard at the same time! A Mac can load Windows FASTER than a PC can load Windows. (I tested this theory last week, when I watched my friend start her laptop, while I started up my VMWare Fusion… my MacBook Pro was already running Leopard, and it loaded Windows XP faster than hers could boot up).

What is most surprising is that more comp users don’t realize how powerful Macs are. Even if it just boils down to the fact that Macs can run both operating systems from the same box. Versatile. Powerful. Pretty.

Think about it. A Mac can run Windows better than a PC. What does that really mean?


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