COVID-19 Business Response Plan

Adjusting Your Strategy

The national and global business landscape is shaky, at best. Government mandates are closing the doors of small businesses and telling people to stay home. This is having dramatic effects and causing many to shutter their doors forever. The good news is that there are mitigating steps you can take to diminish the economic impact of these difficult times. These resources lay out what can be done to fight back. These steps, ideas, and additional information can give you the direction you need to come out the other side of this stronger than when it began.

Find New Ways to Engage Your Customers

Your customers might be staying at home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still in need of your services. How are they going to continue to support your business if they don’t know you’re continuing operations? Alerting your customers and keeping up communications lets them know you haven’t gone anywhere.

Staying Open Through the Closures

Your doors might be closed but you’re still open for business. Your internet presence is your new face. Your website is your storefront. And the features on that website are your sales team. Showcase items, take orders, and provide support to your customers from the center of your online world—your website. Here’s what you need to stay profitable.

Move Forward With More Tools

COVID-19 has changed the way we have operated for months. And there’s a good chance things aren’t going to snap back to normal right away. However, things will begin to mellow out. This isn’t going to last forever. Come out the other side of this with more capabilities and more potential than when the pandemic began.

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