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WordPress Contact Forms Made Stupidly Simple // Mar 22 // JLB

Every once in a blue moon, a WordPress plugin comes along that completely knocks my pants off (or socks, since we have a family-oriented office). The last time that happened, it was Ingenesis Limited’s Shopp commerce plugin.

Searching custom fields in WordPress with meta_query // Feb 22 // JLB

There have been quite a few incredibly useful features that were introduced in WordPress version 3.0, which came out over a year ago. However, perhaps my favorite didn’t come till half a year later when version 3.1 was released. Previously, searching posts, pages or custom post types using custom field required a more-than-reasonable amount of […]

Ruby on Rails functionality within WordPress using Wordless // Jan 11 // JLB

In general, I absolutely love PHP. It’s easy to learn, can be object-oriented and is generally easy to learn. Even more, I love that it opens up the world of Wordpress. However, I often get frustrated when I see new technologies like Haml and Sass popup that simply don’t integrate well with PHP.

Building custom content editor layouts in WordPress // Nov 30 // JLB

Custom Fields within WordPress are no secret.  There are hundreds of tutorials out there documenting how to easily automate them by simply adding a few lines to your functions.php file. 

Easy Ruby on Rails OS X upgrade // Sep 26 // JLB

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit boxed-in by the web technologies that I’m most familiar with (i.e. html & css, php & mysql, javascript). After a lengthy Ruby discussion with a developer friend, I decided that Ruby on Rails would be perhaps be a good solution to be desire to branch out. However, when I tried installing the latest versions of both Ruby and Rails for OS X, I ran into error after error.

A little post about web fonts… // Sep 01 // JLB

Smashing Magazine (one of the greatest web resources for designers and developers) is redesigning their site and Elliot Jay Stocks is doing it. He posted a great article about web font usage. Check out his post here: Choose your web fonts wisely  

JLB's got a new e-commerce solution in the house // Jun 09 // JLB

Over the years, we’ve used various e-commerce solutions to meet our client’s needs.  From Cube Cart to Shopify to Zen Cart.  However, there’s never been a single one that we’ve felt really integrated well with the content management system we use or was incredibly versatile in the design department.  Fortunately, Team JLB decided to recently […]

Cross-browser compatibility the JLB way // May 12 // JLB

There are plenty of ways to ways to test your new website across multiple platforms and browsers. You can have multiple computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, OS X and Linux, but that’s just a pain and can be rather expensive. Sure, multiple operating systems and browsers can be installed on your laptop, but that […]

Yet another HTML5 compatibility solution // Mar 28 // JLB

Last month, I posted an article, Backwards compatible HTML5 the JavaScript way, with a specific JavaScript trick to ease the transition to HTML5 and aid in cross-browser compatibility.  While I still think Modernizr.js is a great script and easy way to start down the HML5 road, I just recently found perhaps an even better tool, […]

Backwards compatible HTML5 the JavaScript way // Feb 24 // JLB

HTML5 isn’t new news, but it is still is the latest and greatest of the HTML language to date.  Unfortunately, the majority of developers, myself included, are putting-off learning and using the new technology.  Learning new markup and making sure everything is cross-browser compatible are no fun tasks.  Fortunately, one those those can be easily […]